Alexander and Helen are back and starting the new year by sharing their New Year resolutions. No, they’re not talking about losing weight or learning a new language, instead they discuss how they’re trying to make the most of things in these difficult times.

Where’s My Freaking Dressing Room?! 2021 Resolutions:

1. Let It Go
Stop worrying, stop trying to control everything and Let It Go. Nervous about performing a difficult aria? Worrying and overly controlling will not help: Let It Go and just give it your best. Anxious about uploading a performance on social media? If you’re proud of it then that’s all that matters: Let It Go and share it with the world.

2. Get It Done
If you’re the kind of person that has to-do lists then this is one for you. If there are certain daily tasks (like going for a run or sending an email) that hang over you then schedule your day to work for you, decide to do those things first and simply Get It Done. If you know you practice best in the afternoon then organise your admin for the morning and your music-making for the afternoon. Set your day up so you can make the most of it, enjoy it, and Get It Done.

3. Feed Yourself
No, we’re not recommending you eat all the leftover Christmas cake! We’re suggesting that in these difficult and unusual times why not explore your hobbies, maybe even find new ones and feed the other parts of your life that bring you joy. It hurts not to be able to make music right now, but perhaps you can find enjoyment in the things that you are able to do, whether it’s reading, painting, yoga or just a simple lie-in!

4. Don’t Make Resolutions
IRONIC HUH? For our fourth and final resolution we recommend not expecting too much of yourself at this time. There is no doubt that we are all in crisis mode and the effects of that will be many. Setting yourself high goals and imminent deadlines at this time has the potential to set yourself up for failure and that is unhealthy. If you have targets, perhaps they don’t have to have fixed deadlines? If you’re keen to make progress, perhaps the goals you set yourself are small and can build week upon week? Essentially we’re saying now is not the time to tell yourself to learn every Brahms song by the end of February.