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12 January 2023

The Sampler Mixtape

If you would like to submit your music to be considered for a future Sampler Mixtape, use the form below:


Please note we are not able to guarantee that every track submitted will be included in a mixtape, nor can we provide feedback for individual submissions.

If you are interested in curating your own mitxape as a guest host, then write directly to Laonikos.PC@soundandmusic.org to express your interest. The brief is to curate an hour-long mixtape, with a bit of intro and outro text – the music would ideally feature recently-released new and/or experimental music of any genre. The mixtapes can be themed (e.g. featuring disabled artists, artists from a specific region, music responding to a particular theme) or it can simply be a bunch of stuff you find interesting and want to share with the wider world. We offer a fee of £50 per mixtape, and you will be asked to fill in a spreadsheet with information on the artists and tracks so that we can credit the music accordingly.

The mixtapes go live on Resonance FM every Friday at noon, with a replay at 9am, and the shows will be replayable on both the Resonance FM and the Samplernews mixcloud pages.


We pay £80/1,000 words fro written editorial and £175 per 6-10 minute audio editorial.

You can pitch for either a written editorial (see latest example). If you’d like to write for us, you can pitch your ideas to our team by emailing Laonikos on Laonikos.PC@soundandmusic.org

In your pitch you should include:
  • A topic, title, or idea you’d like to write about
    • Keep it short (one paragraph)
    • Keep it clear and direct — it’s easiest for us to consider your pitch when it is direct (e.g. “I have noticed elements of power abuse in improvisational settings and I think this is important to write about“) rather than generic (e.g. “I would like to write about improvisation.“). If you don’t have a super clear idea of what the final writing will be about, we can help focus your ideas for a written piece if you have a general direction.
  • Examples of previous written work (where applicable) or, if not, what makes you a good person to be writing about the proposed topic
  • Social media handles
We offer
  • Editorial, proofreading support as well as helping sharpen the focus of your writing if you find that useful
  • A fee of £80 per 1,000 words (most pieces in the 1,200-1,800 range) for written editorial
  • Publishing your piece on our platforms and newsletters (6,000 combined subscribers with Sound and Music)

We generally don’t commission editorial which is about your own work or self-promo, for example about your latest album, a review of your own performance, or just sharing your processes, unless this has a much broader reach and will interest a wide range of readers.

We’d love to hear from you! IF you are unsure if this opportunity is for you, just email us and we can have an informal chat.

Laonikos / The Sampler Team