A awake is a piece that emerge from the following abstract:

“Virtual images are images..

They are in locations like a dream where light does not reach.

..Images on the other side of the mirror, steps that only appears to an observer..”

“object distance Image distance

Sounds as a reflection, time for a personal reflection.

Time for displacement, a gradual diminution of visibility over the countenance; flashes sounds and luminescence”.

Recordings from a clarinet and electroacoustic sounds are related with the Idea of this Initial abstract.

Leila Chab (clarinet), explore new sonorities as a part of a musical expression in this piece. Environment involving extensive and soft sounds of the clarinet are process simultaneously and assembled with the fixed audio by the player.

This project has obtained the Creation Grant FNA (Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019), ICMC, International Computer Music Conference (selected 2020), Atemporanea, Musical Festival (selected 2020).