The artist development platform, Hypertribe, has partnered with artist Kelli-Leigh to select and champion new independent music on their Independent Artists Only playlist – and is inviting independent artists to submit their latest releases for a chance to be featured.

The playlist features an eclectic mix of music, from broad strokes of pop to dance, indie and soul, by musicians from around the world, and is updated every Saturday morning. The purpose of the playlist is to champion independent artists and introduce them to a wider audience.

We are hoping this playlist will find those true music lovers who are fanatically looking for undiscovered talent” says Hypertribe founder Kimmy Dickson.

Discovery of new music is often curated & monopolised by gatekeepers with big budgets and connections. We want to democratize access to independent artists and shake the stigma that independent music can’t compete with signed acts – and give air to anyone who is making good music!”

What began as a simple suggestion on twitter by artist Kelli-Leigh, grew into a curated playlist with over 100 songs by musicians from around the world, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Asked how the idea for the playlist came about, Kelli-Leigh told IndustryMe: “I started the playlist about a month into lockdown. I felt like there weren’t enough playlists for independent artists available so wanted to start something that championed amazing independent music. I didn’t expect to be inundated with music! Within weeks the playlist had over 1000 submissions!”

The playlist gives light to music that can’t always get the big big budgets behind them” says Kimmy, “We’re leveraging our networks to pave a path for empowering independent musicians.”

From November Hypertribe will offer their press partners the opportunity to feature their top 5 artists of the week, so the spotlight won’t stop at the playlist but ripple through the music industry,” says Kimmy.

HyperTribe is an artists development platform that helps artists build a sustainable, monetised music career. They provide the network, training and expertise that lets musicians develop their business in parallel with their music.

– Independent artists can submit their music here for a chance to be featured.
– Members of the press who would like to partner up with HyperTribe can sign up here.
– Music lovers can support the artists on the playlist by pressing play here.