Instrument Sleeve #1 is the first of a series of unique 36 vinyl albums that Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi are going to release in the upcoming future, 36 x 12″ records will be made with unique playable instrument/noise box sleeve & different tracks.

Instrument Sleeve is the result of a long collaboration that represent their background of Instrustrial, Noise, Techno, Experimental & Ethereal sounds.

The concept is to give the listeners not just the music but combine it with an instrument/noise box they can actually play and discover the essence of where the sound of the album comes from.

As well as having a special attachment with the band vinyl owner can use the sleeve as an instrument and get a first dip into circuit bent and noise music.

Instrument Sleeve #1 is available from Doubledgescissor label on double sided 12” record with on board noise box, 12” record or digital download.