Sapphires for 4 channel fixed media or version for female voice, 4 channel fixed media and sound projectionist. 08:24 (2020)

This piece was conceived in three different process:

Sapphires appear at the beginning as precise and punctual materials “a place where absorption of light is possible”. The first version of the piece where the structure can be heard. “As an Interaction between matter with different wavelengths of light as a sounds”.

Dichroism is more descriptive and oneiric. The voice like a derive of the spectrum of Sapphires (a precious gemstone).

Lia Ferenese (singer) explore new vocal possibilities as a part of a musical expression in this piece. Nontextual sonic combined with electronic sounds of the first piece: a variation of the word/phoneme of Sapphires is mixed and process creating new sounds like an “incident polarization state of light… A material will absorb light, like a Corundum depending on the presence of transition impurities in its crystalline structure”.

Diattenuation is a variation that include materials of the previous pieces. The length of the piece always is the same (8:24). In Diattenuation there are permutations of the essential like an Items derive from different electroacoustic technics.

Excerpts of this pieces have been composed in my residency at Studios LaBut in 2019, Strasbourg, France.

Selected piece at eviMus festival (2020)