A couple years ago, in a review of the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, a comedian quoted an anonymous attendee who said: ‘the problem with contemporary music is that much of it sounds like a chest of children’s toys coming down the stairs.’

Well…we think that’s great.

Playful. Colourful.  Beautiful.  Alive.

In this new  music podcast – Chest of Toys – The Riot Ensemble supported by Sound and Music, will be bringing you all sorts of interesting, cacophonous stories from the world of new music.  Music can be abstract, noisy and confusing on first listening.  But the personal stories behind this music help explain why the people that make it do it in the way that they do.

In the first episode, violinist, composer and improviser Alison Blunt talks about how health problems during her studies redirected her musical path.”

Read the blog about  Chest of Toys here 

Chest of Toys is hosted by Riot Ensembles Aaron Holloway-Nahum and produced by Chris Elcombe.