Have you ever wondered how a piece of new music is created? Or how composers are inspired and influenced by a changing world?

What does new music sound like, and who are those that create it in the UK?

Composers today form a mosaic of identities and perspectives,  their approaches often shaped by the shifting landscape of technology and politics, the city and the natural world.

Meet the diverse range of people behind the most compelling and adventurous sound and music across the UK today.

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In episode two we explore the work of composer Tom Barnes and his collaboration with Sound and Music, ROLI and filmmaker Marco Alessi producing MIDWAY.

MIDWAY features improvisations on the ROLI Seaboard Rise by the residents of Midway House, an unassuming 76-flat council estate in Islington. Tom takes us on a journey, exploring the question of who can improvise, and interrogates the reasons for which we consider one musical voice to have more or less value than another.


Produced by: 

Sound and Music in partnership with Ben Eshmade


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