Have you ever wondered how a piece of new music is created?

Ever pondered the process? Ever debated how a composer makes a living today? Or how society influences music and sound?

What does new music sound like, and who are those that create it in the UK today?

No longer do we define a composer as moustache welding dude waving a baton.

Meet the diverse and real people behind the most compelling, innovative and breath-taking sound and music across the UK today.

We are Sound and Music and this is what we do.


The Sound and Music podcast is a sonic series and showcase of new music, of those who make it, their thoughts, sounds and ideas.

Let us introduce you to this unique sound and music; the often unheard, the uncategorized, the unleashed and the unabashed.

Take a journey into the minds of the composers, challenges your perceptions and open your ears.

These are stories in sound and music.

Produced by: 

Sound and Music in partnership with Ben Eshmade


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Helena Hamilton

Blanca Regina & Steve Beresford