How The Sampler works

There are a number of ways in which you can use The Sampler, whether you are a composer, artists, musician, promoter, venue or curious listener.

Join us, get involved, explore and enjoy.

Colour coded content – 

We have broken down the various types of content on the site for ease of use. If you think we are missing a category or would like to create a new one – let us know and we will add it to the list.

  • PINK / Event  — From webinars to workshops – if you class it as an event then so do we.
  • BLUE / Opinions, Blogs — Share your work, thoughts and processes to the network.
  • GREEN / Playlists  — Create and embedded your own playlists or highlight who and what you are listening to.

Find the latest activity – 

  • Go, see and hear the best of new music in the UK; receive regular updates and e-shots
  • Find out what is happening in your area and support your local community
  • Discover new artists, venues and activity
  • Join the community of voices, be part of something bigger
  • The most comprehensive and searchable new music listings site in the UK: but much more than that as well

List your events – 

  • Free and easy, whether you have one event or 100! Bulk upload for busy lives
  • Access the largest online network of new music fans from across the UK
  • Link to other artists, producers and venues in the community, to help your projects go further
  • User generated tag cloud and innovative search functions – helping new audiences discover your work
  • Planning something out of the ordinary? No worries! You can list pretty much any activity on our site.

Write a blog or opinion piece – 

  • Get your voice out there and heard by your peers
  • Connect with the community and build new networks
  • Help others – share your methods, practice, challenges,successes and even failures if you dare…
  • Contextualise your work or events, attract new followers and audiences
  • Increase your public profile and start new conversations

Connect with artists, promoters and venues – 

  • Connect with the community and build new networks
  • Find new artists to work with
  • Find new promoters to engage with
  • Find new venues to collaborate with
  • Keep up to date with what others are doing, get inspired and discover
  • Increase your public profile and start new conversations
  • Spread the word and advertise –
  • Access the largest community of new music enthusiasts in the UK
  • Catch people’s attention with integrated banner and display ad
  • Options for dedicated and targeted email advertising
  • Give your event an extra push with promotional extras or reader offers
  • We’re a charity – what goes around, comes around….